Dependency Viewer

Author: Guangchao Tang
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Dependency Viwer is a visualization tool for dependency parsing results in CONLL format. It also can be used to edit and analyse the CONLL files. Errors and sentences can be located quickly with the search function.
For details of CONLL format, please visist
A sample file in CONLL format:SemEval 2012 Trial Data
The contrast CONLL file used in the follwing examples:The Trial Data Above with Minor Random Changes

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Great Improments on Search, Analyse and Visualization

  • Rewritten search function with which dependency structure can be searched
  • Statistic and Evaluation functions are added
  • Support for EMF vector image format when saving to image
  • Fix the problem of showing contrast dependencies
  • Fix the file exception sometimes when opening CONLL files
  • Other minor changes

  • 2012/2/21
    Search and Redo/Undo Function Added
  • Search the sentences with simple query
  • Search can be made in the last result
  • Editions can be Undo/Redo
  • Changes is save to a .changelog file when saving the new CONLL file

  • 2012/2/20
    Visualize dependency files in CONLL format with horizontal view or tree view. The result can be exported to image in PNG/XPS format. The file can be edited with right click.
  • The view can be dragged to move over when left mouse button down
  • Can enlarge or smaller the view
  • Page Up/Down to navigate to the previous/next sentence
  • Highlight when mouse over

  • Horizontal View of a Dependency Sentence

    Tree View of a Dependency Sentence

    Horizontal View of a Dependency Sentence with Contrast

    Improved Search Function (Sentence length between 3 to 15, labeled error count between 0 to 3, unlabeled error count exactly be 1, has word "不" with PosTag "AD", also has word "转折" which is dependent to "谓")



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